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A Workholding system that is simple yet powerful. The Blue Photon System is a revolutionary product that utilizes Grippers, BlueGrip™ Adhesives, and UV light to grip and hold all types of machined parts and materials.

Blue Photon adhesive workholding system is perfect for metallic, plastic, and ceramic near-net shape parts. It provides the most versatile method of fixturing for complex geometries while providing more cutting tool access than any other 5th axis product on the market.

Blue Photon expands the capabilities of workholding platforms used in your facility including Jergens, MPower, Toolex, PAWs, 5th Axis, Raptor, System 3R, and Erowa. Explore our site to learn more about this revolutionary solution and contact us for a hands-on demo.

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Workholding System

Photo-activated adhesive workholding system utilizing BlueGrip adhesive and UV light to grip parts including delicate and complex shaped parts.
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workholding fixture

BlueGrip adhesive is applied to modular gripper heads, which are set in any configuration into standard subplates for strong, accurate, repeatable workholding.
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hard to hold parts, air foil

Blue Photon technology simplifies workholding for many types of applications. See how to save money, reduce scrap, and simplify automation.
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Watch this short video for an overview of Blue Photon’s revolutionary photo-activated adhesive workholding solution.

 photo-activated adhesive workholding

Blue Photon Workholding System

  • Grip on Demand
  • Holds Complex Part Shapes
  • Holds Delicate Parts without Distortion
  • Holds Engineered Materials
  • Suitable for Prototype Parts/Production
  • Ensures Production Savings
  • Holds Ceramic Parts
Blue Photon GuaranteeOur Grippers are warrantied for a period of 5 years against any manufacturer defects when used exclusively with BlueGrip™ Adhesive.  All other Blue Photon equipment is warrantied for a period of one year from the date of delivery against manufacturing defects that affect the performance of the Blue Photon System. Equipment and supplies not manufactured by Blue Photon may have different warranties.
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