BlueGrip™ Workholding Adhesive

About BlueGrip™ Workholding Adhesive

BlueGrip Workholding Adhesive is designed specifically and exclusively for Blue Photon Grip Technology Workholding. The adhesive creates a gap between the surface of the gripper and the surface of the workpiece.

BlueGrip Workholding Adhesive Features:

  • Works on ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Works on ceramic
  • Works on composite materials
  • Works on most plastics
  • Cures within 30 to 60 seconds
  • Impervious to cutting fluids and oils
  • Removable with heat, or hot water
  • Available in fluorescent


The Adhesive Joint

The BlueGrip workholding adhesive creates a gap, or joint, between the surface of the gripper and the surface of the workpiece. The joint fills in irregularities of the shape or on the surface of the workpiece. This makes it easy to hold complex shaped parts, castings, or curved and irregular parts.

Joint thickness can range from .030″ to .120″

Adhesive Joint and Bond Strength

The strength of the adhesive joint is dependent on thickness and temperature. As the adhesive joint gets thicker, cure time increases and bond strength decreases.

As the temperature of the adhesive joint increases, bond strength decreases. The adhesive bond begins to gradually degrade starting at 90 degrees F. The adhesive joint should always remain under 100 degrees F.

BlueGrip™ Workholding Adhesive

Adhesive thickness and cure time

Adhesive joint temperature