Why it’s a Unique Workholding Device

This Blue Photon Technology and Workholding is unlike any other workholding device available.

The BlueGrip adhesive workholding device means:

  • Less scrap
  • Less damage
  • No part distortion
  • Fewer operations
  • Better part access
  • Improved accuracy
  • Simplified fixture design
Blue Photon Grip improved part access

Improved part access and simplified fixture design.

The Grippers and BlueGrip Adhesive create a versatile and simplified workholding device that:

Revolutionary workholding device for delicate or hard to hold parts.

Revolutionary simplified workholding solution for delicate or hard to hold parts.

  • Holds ceramic
  • Holds composite and laminate materials
  • Holds plastics
  • Holds irregular and complex shaped parts
  • Stands up to oils and cutting fluids
  • Stands up to machining and milling

Contact us for a demo. Learn more about how Blue Photon Technology and Workholding devices can simplify your workholding challenges.

How do Blue Photon workholding devices simplify workholding?

  • Easier automation and standardized tooling.
  • Improved part access.
  • Quicker processes and fewer operational steps.
  • Less time to engineer the workholding process.