Head-in Gripper Blue photon

5 Year Limited Warranty – Best In Manufacturing

Blue Photon is proud to offer a 5 year limited warranty on all Grippers, when used exclusively with BlueGrip™ Adhesive. A 5 year warranty means your investment is protected against any failure or defects. These little Grippers will stand up to repeated use in many different applications. Use them with our available inserts to protect your fixtures from thread […]

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Spindle Mounter Gripper Cleaning Tool

Time Saver: Spindle Mounted Cleaning Tool

The 82400 Spindle Mounted Gripper Cleaning tool mounts in any 3/4 diameter collet or end mill holder. The assembly comes with the tool, a spring-loaded, replaceable head and the HAAS program. After removing the part from the grippers, you can insert the fixture back into the machine, insert the Spindle Mounter Gripper Cleaning Tool, and […]

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Ceramic Turbine Part

The Part: A Turbine Part. The Material: Ceramic. The Problem: Due to the brittle nature of ceramics, they are easily damaged when traditional workholding methods are used. The Solution: PAAW transfer tools were made that eliminated scrap due to fixture induced damage and part movement during processing. Additional Benefits: By implementing the Blue Photon System […]

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Blue Photon World Headquarters

News From Blue Photon Headquarters

A new facility, a new sales agency, and a new employee. We moved into our new facility in Shelby, Michigan on May 1, 2016. We now have a dedicated shop area, a lab for testing, and plenty of office and conference space. New Employee, CAD Designer Charles Ware Charles will be assisting with everything at […]

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Our National Sales Team

We are proud to announce that we have established a strong network of well-trained manufacturers’ sales representative agencies to cover sales and support throughout the US. Individual sales representatives from the following agencies will take the lead in sharing Blue Photon grip technology, growing sales of the workholding product through distributorships, and supporting end users […]

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Magnesium Aerospace Cover

The Part: A 16” X 18” aerospace cover. The Material: Magnesium casting. The Problem: The entire top portion of the part is a gasket surface that needs to be flat w/in .005. The manufacturer previously had chatter problems because of limited areas to clamp to. The solution: The manufacturer designed and built a PAAW tool […]

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