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Tired of struggling with workholding problems?

Blue Photon Technology & Workholding Systems can help you simplify workholding for difficult to hold or delicate parts while improving tolerances and part access, reducing scrap, and eliminating extra processes. Let us show you how. Contact us!

Patented photo activated adhesive workholding systems

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In 2001, Professor Ed De Meter of Penn State University worked with manufacturers to solve a difficult and persistent problem: where and how to hold delicate, complex shaped, or near-net shaped parts for machining and milling. The solution was a photo-activated adhesive system that held a workpiece securely and freely, allowing 5 and even 6-sided part access.

His ideas led to a patent for bonding and debonding a workpiece to a manufacturing fixture by use of a Gripper™. Grippers are the key feature of Blue Photon Technology. They are designed to hold adhesive, conduct UV light, and support a workpiece. Years of testing and evaluation has made low stress adhesive workholding a workplace reality.

Click here to see the Penn State University PAAW educational site.

Since the inception of the adhesive workholding process, research and development has continued with the vision to enhance the workholding systems usability and performance. In the fall of 2012, Prof. De Meter and others founded Blue Photon Technology & Workholding Systems LLC and signed an agreement with PSU for exclusive patent rights to sell PAAW technology hardware.

Blue Photon is made up of a diversified team including technical sales agents and design, manufacturing, and quality engineers here to assist you in lowering your manufacturing costs.


Blue Photon photo-activated adhesive workholding missionBlue Photon Mission Statement
It is the mission of Blue Photon Technology & Workholding Systems LLC to provide cutting edge solutions to today’s workholding problems through innovative products and systems. Blue Photon will always strive to put the needs of our customers in the forefront of everything we do. Without the confidence shown to us by our customers, we understand we will not succeed. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the service we provide, please let me know so that we can have the opportunity to make it right with you. Together we win.
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