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BlueGrip™ S2-F Fluorescent Workholding Adhesives

October 25th, 2017 by Ima Admin

Specifically formulated with a dye that fluoresces under black light for easy identification of residual adhesive on workpieces.

Part #: 43210 – 30 cc syringe

Part #: 46210 – 1 liter cartridge


  • 30 cc syringes are for manual and pneumatic dispensing.
  • 1 liter cartridges for automated dispensing, see adhesive dispensers for additional information.
  • Impervious to cutting fluids and oils.
  • Cured adhesive easily removable with CNC machine mounted cleaning tool, hot water, steam, hot water spray, or dry ice blasting.
  • Fills gaps between the gripper and workpiece of .020″ to .120″.
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