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High Precision Dispenser with Optimeter

February 21st, 2023 by Blue Photon

Includes controls and settings to electronically change/adjust dispensing time, pressure and vacuum. Consists of an auto-increment feature to adjust dispensing parameters after a certain number of shots or a specific lapsed time and auto-sequence mode that allows deposit patterns to be repeated automatically.


  • 400 individual memory storage cells.
  • Scroll or select cells via front panel keypad or external PC/PLC control.
  • Switch between steady, timed and teach modes.
  • Front panel manual cycle key.
  • Teach function.
  • Multi-level operator lockout.
  • Alarm indicators.
  • End of cycle feedback loop.
  • Soft button data input 0-9 keypad.
  • Operator control of LCD display brightness.
  • Easy up/down arrow key navigation.
  • External PC interface for data input.
  • Display cycle counter.
  • RS-232 communication capability.
  • ESD safe via connection with external ESD.
  • 0-100 psi (0-6.9) bar air regulation range.
  • D-sub I/0 (15-pin) and communication (9-pin) connections.
  • Alarm I/0 signals.
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