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Medium Head-Out Gripper

December 2nd, 2020 by Blue Photon

Part #: 15230 – Standard Medium Head-Out Gripper

Part #: 15231 – Medium Corrosion Resistant Head-Out Gripper


  • To hold small to medium size workpieces.
  • Use in applications for simplified fixture design.
  • Insert into fixture from the topside.
  • Cannot be retracted during workplace loading.
  • Debonds with hot water soak, twisting, or dry ice blasting.
  • Average tensile holding power with BlueGrip S2 workholding adhesive is 400 lbs.*
  • Use P/N 15231** where deionized water is used.

*Testing done under controlled conditions. **CNC spindle mounted cleaning tool cannot be used with corrosion resistant grippers.

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