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Universal Fixture Kit

October 27th, 2020 by Blue Photon

This kit allows the user to very simply and immediately get started using Blue Photon workholding technology. The collection of included gripper arms and locator assemblies can be set up to hold a workpiece at any angle for 5- and even 6-sided tool access. Entire standard kit shown.

Each kit includes these components:

P/N 91201-000 – 3-Z Locator Assembly

P/N 91202-000 – 3-XY Locator Assembly

P/N 91203-200 – 2-50 mm Vertical Gripper Arm Assembly

P/N 91203-300 – 4-75 mm Vertical Gripper Arm Assembly

P/N 91203-400 – 2-Horizontal Gripper Arm Assembly

P/N 91204-000 – 2-Pivoting Gripper Assembly

P/N 91205-100 – 1-300 mm Square Base Plate*

P/N 91209-110 – 9-Shaft Foot

P/N 91209-420 – 2-Shaft Support, 50 mm length

P/N 91209-440 – 4-Shaft Support, 100 mm length

P/N 91209-460 – 3-Shaft Support, 150 mm length

P/N 15130 – 6-Medium Head-In Gripper

P/N 64860 – 1-Right Angle Adapter, Extended Medium

Order UV LED controller, UV LED head assemblies and workholding adhesive separately. *Custom sizes available upon request.


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Workholding Kits

October 25th, 2017 by Ima Admin

The workholding kits include everything you need to start using the Blue Photon workholding system to manufacture your parts.

Part Number Configurator
Select your kit based on the configuration below:

In addition to your selections above, each kit contains:

  • Hard Case with Foam Slots, optional. Part # 35000
  • BlueGrip™ S2 Workholding Adhesive
  • Manual plunger
  • Scraper
  • UV Safety Glasses
  • Handheld Steamer (Actual unit may vary from one shown.)
  • Ratchet and Socket

*6 grippers included within each kit. **Inserts optional with kit order.

UV LED controller unit may vary from one shown.

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