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Reinventing Workholding Onsite Demos

July 17th, 2018 by Blue Photon

Logo for the 2018 International Manufacturing Technology Show at McCormick Place in ChicagoBlue Photon® will demonstrate the advantages of their photo-activated adhesive workholding system at IMTS 2018 this September in Chicago.

Born in the lab and field-tested in manufacturing plants all over the world, Blue Photon’s workholding products are manufacturers’ solution to secure parts for tight-tolerance machining and inspection.

Photo of the Blue Photon universal fixture workholding system being used to hold a curved part for machining.

Blue Photon’s universal fixture workholding system holding a curved part for machining.

Blue Photon’s workholding technology can reduce the number of operations, scrap, and labor; saving time and money. The process involves applying BlueGrip™ workholding adhesive to their grippers and spot curing by ultraviolet light for 60 seconds allowing for 5-axis machining. The part debonds with a ¼ turn twist of the gripper or hot water soak. The residual adhesive is simply removed by the application with pressurized steam or hot water spray and a light peeling action.

Tests have shown that the holding force produced by the grippers can easily withstand the requirements of most machining applications. The material removal rate can exceed expectations verses mechanical clamping when a hard to hold part is mechanically clamped, as often times, the pressure has to be limited to avoid component distortion and marking. Blue Photon’s system can secure ferrous and non-ferrous materials as well as superalloys, composites, and plastics; allowing for infinite workholding capabilities.

Product photo of Part #: 91100 Universal Fixture Kit. Entire standard kit shown.

Part #: 91100 Universal Fixture Kit. Entire standard kit shown.

At IMTS 2018, Blue Photon will be introducing their universal fixture kit. This kit allows the user to begin using the workholding system immediately by easily adapting to most parts. The new kit is simple to implement with existing machine tools.

Visit Blue Photon at IMTS 2018, Booth 431392 or check out their website for more information at www.BluePhotonGrip.com.

Blue Photon Technology & Workholding Systems LLC
July 17, 2018