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(VIDEO) Ultraviolet (UV) Workholding Technology for Additive Manufacturing

May 28th, 2020 by Blue Photon

How do you hold additive parts for post-machining?

Blue Photon workholding products are designed to hold complexed-shaped, additive parts for tight-tolerance machining, and final finishing while creating better parts, and lowering manufacturing costs. To learn why we are the world’s solution to holding additive parts, check out the video below:

Blue Photon’s patented UV workholding technology products are a manufacturer’s solution to hold parts for tight-tolerance machining and inspection. Blue Photon designs and manufactures grip technology for complex-shaped, and hard-to-hold parts. Blue Photon grippers are easily installed into fixtures to grip and support the part without the use of mechanical clamps.

Blue Photon offers fixture design and engineering for milling, turning, grinding, electrical discharge machining (EDM), 3D printing/additive manufacturing, laser, inspection, and assembly applications; including aerospace, medical, optical, and robotics machining.

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Uploaded March 2020