Workholding Products

Contact us for a hands on demo of our technology. We can show you how Blue Photon adhesive workholding products will integrate with your existing workholding solutions to give you added capabilities.

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  • Adhesive Dispensing

    Adhesive Dispensing (4)

    Blue Grip Adhesive dispensing equipment delivers precise amounts of adhesive. Available with many convenient functions and features. Contact us for help selecting the best adhesive dispensing equipment for your application.
  • Adhesives

    Adhesives (4)

    Blue Photon's BlueGrip™ Adhesive is formulated specifically for Blue Photon photo-activated adhesive workholding. - BlueGrip C2 Adhesive for twist debonding of laminated parts where delamination is a concern. - BlueGrip S2 Adhesive for most applications and where delamination is not a concern.
    • - Works on metal, ceramic, and composite parts
    • - Cures within 30 to 60 seconds
    • - Creates an adhesive gap from .030" to .120"
    • - Is impervious to cutting fluids and oils
    • - Is removable with heat, hot water, or our spindle mounted gripper cleaning tool 82400
    • - Available in 30mL and 1 Liter size
    Learn more about BlueGrip Adhesive here>> Contact us for pricing and specifications.
  • Cleaning Equipment

    Cleaning Equipment (4)

    Blue Photon's soak tanks, pressure washers and cleaning tools work to efficiently de-bond the workpiece and remove any cured, residual adhesive. We also offer customized solutions to suit any application, including automation. Contact us for more information about our cleaning equipment and methods.
  • Fixture Kits

    Fixture Kits (1)

    The Universal Fixture Kit is a versatile fixturing solution that allows the user to fixture parts of varying shapes and sizes using Blue Photon Workholding. The 12"x12" fixture plate is perfect for use in any standard vise or clamp set up.
  • Gripper Accessories

    Gripper Accessories (6)

    Inserts and insert nuts make Blue Photon's grippers more versatile by creating more standoff space from fixtures, protecting aluminum fixture plates, and to give more flexibility during workpiece loading.
  • Grippers

    Grippers (4)

    Patented grippers are the key to our system. Available in two types for mounting on the top-side or under-side of your fixture plate. Machine force and materials will determine gripper size and the number of grippers needed for your application. Contact Us for more information or to schedule a demo.
  • Radiometers

    Radiometers (1)

    Radiometers are a necessary component of the Blue Photon system to test and ensure optical output of the UV light source and light guides.
  • Starter Kits

    Starter Kits (4)

    The Basic Kit includes everything you need to begin using Blue Photon's revolutionary workholding: Grippers, BlueGrip Adhesive, UV LED light source, UV LED head, plus a pressurized steamer for adhesive removal. Perfect for getting started immediately.
  • UV Light Equipment

    UV Light Equipment (6)

    Blue Photon's UV Light equipment is efficient and safe to use. Integrate with your automation or manually cure using our Light Guide Shrouds. Contact us for more information.
  • UV Light Guides

    UV Light Guides (5)

    Blue Photon's UV Light Guides are available in a number of configurations to suit different needs.
    • • From 1 to 4 poles.
    • • Lengths of 1000mm, 15000mm, or 2000mm.
    • • 3mm, 5mm, and 8mm for different sized grippers.
    • • Extenders and right angle adapters, also available.
    • • Fiber Light Guides or Liquid Light Guides
    Contact us for more information about UV light guides and photo-activated adhesive curing.