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Join the Workholding Revolution with Blue Photon’s Innovative Photo-Activated Adhesive System

If you’re a machine tool distributor who likes to stay on the leading edge of the latest technology to solve complex machining problems, you’re our kind of partner. Our workholding system has been proven to save labor and reduce waste while offering your customers a solution like no others on the market today.

Partnership with Blue Photon can range from reseller recognition to becoming a designated showroom demonstration site, with full design and engineering support, plus marketing material assistance.

Together, let’s revolutionize the way hard-to-hold workpieces are held, whether it’s in a rapid prototyping environment, job shop, or high volume automated production setting. We can help you address workholding challenges in a wide range of markets and applications.

Watch this video to see Blue Photon at work. Then schedule a demo or discuss partnership opportunities with us.

We'll help you solve your clients' workholding headaches, and you'll be their hero.

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