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Unique Workholding Grippers That Allow For Complete Photo-Activated Adhesive Curing

Blue Photon’s Workholding Grippers are a patented, load bearing, light transmitting fixture component. Grippers are the foundation of the Blue Photon Grip Technology.

Head In

Head In Gripper

  • Inserted from back of fixture
  • De-bonded with 1/4 turn twist
  • Able to retract during workpiece loading
  • Available in 2 sizes

Head Out

Head Out Gripper

  • Inserted from top of fixture
  • For simple fixture design
  • De-bonded with heat or prying
  • Not retractable during workpiece loading

How Our Grippers Work

The GRIPPERS are inserted into a fixture plate. The workpiece is secured to the GRIPPERS with BlueGrip Adhesive, which is cured with UV light that is transmitted through the core of the GRIPPER. Machine processes can be simplified and automated by use of standardized fixture plates built with various gripper configurations to hold a variety of different sized/shaped workpieces.

Our Grippers

Gripper Size Comparison

Gripper Size comparison

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Our Gripper Inserts

Insert Size Comparison

Insert size comparison

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