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Blue Photon’s innovative workholding system is solving problems for manufacturers throughout many different industries. From machining food processing equipment to powering jet propulsion, Blue Photon is unlike any workholding system in the world. Ask us how to put Blue Photon to work for you in your application.

Aerospace Workholding

Our workholding applications within the aerospace parts production market have been revolutionary. Our innovative photo-activated adhesive workholding system (PAAW) is ideal for the workholding problems common within the aerospace industry, including the challenges of working with materials such as ceramics, composites, titanium, and superalloys.  Manufacturers enjoy lower fixture costs with quicker turnaround times.

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Job Shop Workholding

Job Shops enjoy the flexibility and rapid changeover of the Blue Photon workholding system, which results in lower fixture costs with quicker turnaround times. Efficiency and precision predicate success in the consumer goods market. Blue Photon helps manufacturers stay on the leading edge by solving machining problems.

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Healthcare & Medical Device Workholding

Blue Photon facilitates first-pass machining and finishing in a single setup that is critical to medical device manufacturing, where moving workpieces between machines risks inaccurate positioning and increased labor costs. Our workholding system helps produce high quality, high tech devices with lower fixture costs and quicker turnaround times.

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High Volume Production Workholding

High Volume Production environments such as the automotive industry need a flexible and efficient workholding method that can be easily introduced into a fully automated operation. Blue Photon’s patented adhesive workholding system can be easily implemented into most current production lines to reduce fixture costs and expedite turnaround time.

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Prototyping Workholding

Blue Photon saves time and money for rapid prototyping and one-off or low volume parts manufacturers due to the system’s capability to hold near net shaped parts including parts that are generated by additive manufacturing. This results in lower fixture costs and expedited turnaround time.

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