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Photo of a jet turbine, representing how the Blue Photon Workholding System's effectiveness in the aerospace industryPhoto of a jet turbine, representing how the Blue Photon Workholding System's effectiveness in the aerospace industry


Workholding Technology for Aerospace Machining

Blue Photon can supply fixtures for aerospace parts production. Our team of engineers can supply customized solutions for your prototype and production requirements, and our company is intimately familiar with jet engine component workholding processes. Our innovative ultraviolet (UV) workholding technology is ideal for the workholding problems common within the aerospace industry, including the challenges of working with materials such as ceramics, composites, titanium and superalloys. The Blue Photon Workholding System allows aerospace manufacturers to:

  • Achieve tight tolerances
  • Hold near-net shaped parts for easy automation
  • Facilitate five-sided access
  • Eliminate operations
  • Reduce or completely eliminate part distortion

The benefits of our patented workholding technology include reducing scrap, compatibility with a wide range of materials and reducing labor costs. Blue Photon technology works with many types of existing workholding systems found in today’s advanced manufacturing environment because Blue Photon acts as an interface between the part and the machine mounted locating system.

Watch Blue Photon in action milling a titanium workpiece. Our photo-active adhesive workholding system is ideal for aerospace ceramics, composites, titanium and other challenging materials.

Do you have a challenge you face in your aerospace machining?

Engineering Support and Fixture Development

By working closely with your designers and engineers, we can provide custom workholding solutions for your applications, whether it requires building a system or modifying an existing product. We can also design a fixture to meet your unique workholding challenges.

Application Example

An aerospace company needed to find a way to work with a ceramic turbine part. Due to the brittle nature of ceramics, they are easily damaged when traditional workholding methods are used. The solution was to create grip workholding transfer tools that eliminated scrap due to clamping-induced damage and part movement during processing. By implementing the Blue Photon system the manufacturer was also able to reduce the amount of scrap. Part movement was eliminated. Output was increased due to the reduced number of operations. Overall quality improvements were seen. The new tools allow for easy automation of this high-value part.

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