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Learn more about Blue Photon, makers of the UV-activated adhesive workholding systemLearn more about Blue Photon, makers of the UV-activated adhesive workholding system

The Blue Photon Difference

What makes Blue Photon unique?

The Blue Photon technology and workholding system is unlike any other workholding devices available.

Blue Photon is a manufacturer of adhesive workholding products. The Blue Photon grip technology is designed to hold parts for manufacturing that can eliminate operations. Solves problems associated with current workholding devices including distortion and machine access. The technology allows the user to hold parts and most materials without the use of clamps.

Offering fixture design, engineering and workholding for:

  • Surface grinding
  • Creep feed grinding
  • Milling
  • Turning
  • Electrical discharge machining (EDM)
  • Electro-chemical machining (ECM)
  • 3D printing/additive manufacturing
  • Laser, inspection and assembly

Blue Photon grippers and BlueGrip™ adhesives create a versatile and simplified workholding system that can give you:

  • Less scrap.
  • No or reduced part distortion.
  • Fewer operations.
  • Lower cost.
  • Higher efficiency.
  • Improved machine access.
  • Improved accuracy.
  • Simplified fixture design.
  • Better automation.

The Blue Photon workholding system:

  • Holds ceramic and glass.
  • Holds composite and laminate materials.
  • Holds most metals.
  • Holds irregular, complex and near-net shape parts.
  • Stands up to oils and cutting fluids.
  • Stands up to heavy machining.

Blue Photon workholding products are designed to hold complexed-shaped, additive parts for tight-tolerance machining, and final finishing while creating better parts, and lowering manufacturing costs.

How do Blue Photon workholding devices simplify workholding?

  • Easily implement into a fully automated and standardized tooling.
  • Improves part access.
  • Quicker processes and fewer operational steps.
  • Less time to engineer the workholding processes.