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The Blue Photon Difference

What makes Blue Photon an unique workholding device

The Blue Photon technology and workholding system is unlike any other workholding device available.
The Blue Photon workholding system means:

  • Less scrap
  • Less damage
  • No or reduced part distortion
  • Fewer operations
  • Improved part access
  • Improved accuracy
  • Simplified fixture design

The grippers and BlueGrip adhesive create a versatile and simplified workholding device that:

  • Holds ceramic
  • Holds composite and laminate materials
  • Holds plastics
  • Holds irregular and complex shaped parts
  • Stands up to oils and cutting fluids
  • Stands up to heavy machining

Learn more about how Blue Photon technology and workholding devices can simplify your workholding challenges in this interview with president Dan Billings.

How do Blue Photon workholding devices simplify workholding?

  • Easier automation and standardized tooling
  • Improved part access
  • Quicker processes and fewer operational steps
  • Less time to engineer the workholding process