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Job Shops

Photo-Activated Workholding Adhesive System for Job Shops

Job shops face a myriad of machining challenges in today’s highly competitive landscape, where efficiency and precision predicate success in this highly competitive environment. The Blue Photon workholding system, which is a photo-activated adhesive workholding system (PAAW), helps manufacturers stay on the leading edge by solving machining problems such as:

  • Achieving tight tolerances
  • Holding near-net shaped parts for machining
  • Facilitating 5-sided part access
  • Quick prototyping

This innovative system helps reduce cost by allowing for simpler fixture design and build. All of the Blue Photon components are reusable for the next job.

Watch our NCMT representative describe how our UV light-cured adhesive works during an EMO interview.

Do you have a challenging consumer goods machining problem?

Application Example

Consider the example of a recent application for a part used in the food processing industry. The customer sought a fixture system to hold a concave stainless steel cast billet for 5-axis machining. In this application, the Blue Photon grippers were placed on the convex side of the part allowing for 5 axis machining. This solution increased productivity and quality while reducing fixture building cost.

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