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Reinventing Workholding

Workholding Problems We Solve: Applications

A Workholding Revolution

Blue Photon is a patented photo-activated adhesive workholding system. Born in the lab and field-tested in manufacturing plants all over the world, Blue Photon is the answer to manufacturers’ quest for a workholding system to hold delicate, complex shaped, or near-net shaped parts for manufacturing. Blue Photon also has the capacity to hold parts with exceptional 5-axis machine tool access. The Blue Photon system holds a workpiece securely and freely, allowing 5 and even 6-sided part access. It allows for heavy milling of materials, like titanium and superalloys.

Download Drawing & Technical Specifications to see how the Blue Photon Workholding system will work for you!

News From Blue Photon

Our Innovative Workholding System is Used By:

Ascentec Precision Machining
Safran Aerospace
Urschel Laboratories
Andrew Tool & Machining
JWP Manufacturing
Precision Grinding & Manufacturing
Aero Foil International
Benchmark Electronics
Apple Inc.
Innovative Manufacturing & Design
Triumph Gear
Natoli Engineering
Moeller Aerospace
General Electric
HUB Corporation
United Grinding
Williams International
Lakewood Fab Tech
GE Power & Water
Palm Industries
Pratt & Whitney
Tech-Con Automation
Wonder Machine
Smith & Nephew
Lockheed Martin
Industrial Engineering Inc.