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Reinventing Workholding

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Workholding Problems We Solve: Applications

A Workholding Revolution

Blue Photon is a patented photo-activated adhesive workholding system. Born in the lab and field-tested in manufacturing plants all over the world, Blue Photon is the answer to manufacturers’ quest for a workholding system to hold delicate, complex shaped or near-net shaped parts for manufacturing. Blue Photon also has the capacity to hold parts with exceptional 5-axis machine tool access. The Blue Photon system holds a workpiece securely and freely, allowing 5 and even 6-sided part access. It allows for heavy milling of materials, like titanium and superalloys.

Download drawing and technical specifications to see how the Blue Photon workholding system will work for you!

Blue Photon NEWS

Our innovative workholding system is used by:

Ascentec Precision Machining
Safran Aerospace
Urschel Laboratories
Andrew Tool & Machining
JWP Manufacturing
Precision Grinding & Manufacturing
Aero Foil International
Benchmark Electronics
Apple Inc.
Innovative Manufacturing & Design
Triumph Gear
Natoli Engineering
Moeller Aerospace
General Electric
HUB Corporation
United Grinding
Williams International
Lakewood Fab Tech
GE Power & Water
Palm Industries
Pratt & Whitney
Tech-Con Automation
Wonder Machine
Smith & Nephew
Lockheed Martin
Industrial Engineering Inc.