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Photo of a medical MRI machine, showing how Blue Photon can be used to hold parts during creation of custom medical componentsPhoto of a medical MRI machine, showing how Blue Photon can be used to hold parts during creation of custom medical components


Workholding Technology for Medical Machining

Blue Photon facilitates roughing, finishing and polishing on the same fixture to help lower labor costs and to improve quality. Small, hard-to-hold parts can be automated using zero point fixture clamping systems in conjunction with Blue Photon.

Traditional workholding systems that required multiple steps have not allowed for accurate changeover. First-pass machining and finishing in a single setup are more practical for many reasons. Moving workpieces between machines risks inaccurate positioning and increased labor costs. The single manufacturing process is not only faster, but also eliminates work-in-progress and the risk of introducing inaccuracy due to repeated refixturing.

Let us show you how you can lower your medical device cost using Blue Photon technology.

A bar graph showing how Blue Photon's Workholding System reduces labor costs when creating custom medical fixtures and equipment

Learn more about how our workholding system saves time and money by clicking on our labor-saving chart.

Are you looking for efficient workholding solutions?

Custom Workholding Fixture Development

Our team of engineers is available to assist with or develop a fixture or fixture system to your specification. Our facility is equipped to handle most manufacturing equipment needs.

Application Example

Consider the trend toward custom-manufactured orthopedic joint replacements and the future of advanced digital imaging technology combined with 3D printing. In this scenario, a joint (eg. hip or knee) might be scanned and then produced using 3D printing with cobalt chromium molybdenum. Blue Photon workholding system is ideal for 3D printing applications of complex parts because it eliminates the need for building a fixture into the part. In addition, its capability for automation with 5-axis machining is perfect for one-step processing for just-in-time manufacturing. Further, Blue Photon’s ultraviolet workholding technology will hold a wide range of materials common in medical device manufacturing.

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