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Time Saver: Spindle Mounted Cleaning Tool

August 10th, 2016 by Blue Photon
Spindle Mounter Gripper Cleaning Tool

Spindle Mounter Gripper Cleaning Tool

The 82400 Spindle Mounted Gripper Cleaning tool mounts in any 3/4 diameter collet or end mill holder. The assembly comes with the tool, a spring-loaded, replaceable head and the HAAS program.

After removing the part from the grippers, you can insert the fixture back into the machine, insert the Spindle Mounter Gripper Cleaning Tool, and run the program. The head grinds residual, cured adhesive off of grippers in seconds. You are ready to load a new part without resetting the grippers in the fixture. The replaceable head is good for 1000 to 1250 cleaning cycles when using the Blue Photon cleaning cycle parameters and a coolant.

Here is the Cleaning Tool in action:

Ceramic Turbine Part

June 1st, 2016 by Blue Photon

The Part: A turbine part.

The Material: Ceramic.

The Problem: The brittle nature of ceramic was easily damaged when traditional workholding methods were being used.

The Solution: Blue Photon’s photo-activated workholding system was designed to eliminate scrap from fixture induced damage and part movement during processing.

Additional Benefits: By implementing the Blue Photon workholding system the manufacturer was able to eliminate clamping induced scrap, part movement during machining and increased output feed rates. Overall, the manufacturer saw quality improvements. The new workholding system allows for easy automation of this highly valued part.

Blue Photon’s National Sales Team

April 19th, 2016 by Blue Photon

We are proud to announce that we have established a strong network of well-trained manufacturers’ representative agencies to cover sales and support throughout the U.S. Individual sales representatives from the following agencies will take the lead introducing Blue Photon grip technology, and supporting end users with training and applications.


In addition to U.S. coverage, we have established agreements with MDS in Ontario, Canada, Dynamic Tools Corporation in Japan and NCMT Limited in the United Kingdom to cover Western Europe.

For additional representative information, visit our website at BluePhotonGrip.com/contact/find-a-rep or contact us to schedule a hands on demo of Blue Photon’s patented workholding system.

Introduction of the sales network coincides with the release of our updated website. The new site features in-depth technical product information, instructional videos, and full descriptions of system components and how they work.

Blue Photon is a photo-activated, adhesive workholding solution that first hit the market in the aerospace industry. Complex-shaped, hard-to-hold parts, and delicate materials like ceramic and laminated composites are keenly suited to the technology which supplies up to 605 lbs of tensile holding power. However, it soon became apparent that the technology was well suited to every industry from automotive to medical. Any part that is at risk for distortion from traditional clamping, or that poses complications in fixture design is easily and simply held with Blue Photon’s patented grippers and BlueGrip™ workholding adhesive.

We look forward to hearing how Blue Photon can help you!

Updated July 9, 2021.

Magnesium Aerospace Cover

April 8th, 2016 by Blue Photon

The Part: A 16” x 18” aerospace cover.

The Material: Magnesium casting.

The Problem: The entire top portion of the part was a gasket surface that needed to be flat within .005. The manufacturer previously had chatter problems because of the limited areas to clamp.

The solution: The manufacturer designed and built a Blue Photon Workholding system. Grippers were placed where needed along the periphery of the part to hold and eliminate chatter.

Additional benefits: Increased feed rates, lowered cycle time, less operator fatigue and increased part quality.