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External Adjustable Insert Assemblies

October 24th, 2017 by Ima Admin

Part #: 24200 – Small external insert to use with small head-in gripper P/N 14130/14131.

Part #: 25200 – Medium external insert to use with medium head-in gripper P/N 15130/15131.

Part #: 26200 – Large external insert to use with large head-in gripper P/N 16160/16161.


  • Includes the gripper insert and insert nut.
  • Use to increase standoff from the fixture and/or to protect aluminum fixtures from thread galling.
  • Inserts allow for additional flexibility for exact gripper height positioning.
  • Made from hardened steel with a black oxide finish.
  • Inserts into fixture from the top.
  • Workpiece separates from gripper with 1/4 turn of gripper or hot water soak.
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