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The NEW, 2021 Blue Photon Product Catalog is ready for viewing and download.

January 28th, 2021 by Blue Photon

Blue Photon 2021 Product Catalog PDF Preview

Blue Photon’s workholding technology solutions.
Blue Photon is pleased to announce the release of new products to the Blue Photon workholding system line-up. Blue Photon is committed to revolutionizing the workholding industry. This is achieved by using innovative ultraviolet (UV) technology to design unique workholding and fixturing for specialized applications. Our customers in turn receive the solutions they need most. If you have machining challenges, you’re sure to find a solution with Blue Photon’s workholding system.

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Blue Photon manufactures a patented photo-activated adhesive workholding system in the U.S. They also offer fixture design and engineering for milling, turning, grinding, electrical discharge machining (EDM), 3D printing/additive manufacturing, laser, inspection and assembly applications for the aerospace, medical, optical, and robotic industries. For a more in-depth visual of how Blue Photon’s UV workholding technology is a solution to your workholding needs, go to www.bluephotongrip.com/news/videos/.

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January 28, 2021